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Birdie Christmas!

  Group photo with presents!  Forefront:  Mello Yello - male cananry, middle: Sweetheart and Pete - albino and common budgies, background: Lemon - lutino 'tiel and Human - Me!

  Blurry, sunny photo of Mello on my shoulder.

  Such a good boy!

  And one more!  (Lookit alla those presents!)

  Mello and Sweetheart are friends!

  Mello Yello loves to pose for the camera!

  I've had Mello Yello for 1 year and two months.  This is the side of his head where previous "owners" had burned him with a cigarette.  Thankfully, all his feathers grew back!

  It's hard to see, but Mello has really scalely feet.  His previous "owners" were not good to him, but now that I've rescued/adopted him and am loving him and feeding him, all of those callouses and such are starting to fall off when new skin grows.  He still has a way to go, but he's much improved if you can imagine it.

  A lovely picture where the camera picks up the darker yellow tones in his feathers - achieved with a little treat bowl of Yellow Canary Quicko.  Tee hee, Mello has "Godzilla Eyes!"

  Mellow decides to hang out with Pete for a bit.  (He just wanted his picture taken again!)

  Lovely flight and fluffy feathers!  So cute!!!!!
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