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Fluff... aged 13 and still going...

This was taken last month...

... and this was taken last weekend.

Fluff started going seriously 'downhill' a couple of months ago. He's definitely got some form of arthritis, his feathers are a mess, he cannot fly properly anymore, and for the last few weeks has needed help moving around the cage... this is not easy with a canary who's never been hand-trained. All the perches are now on their lowest level, but he still has to be helped up onto them, and since he falls off them at least once a day now I have to put food and water on the bottom of the cage as well. He is, however, still gobbling down food and still trying to sing. It is very hard to say how long he will live now as I believe he's some years beyond average canary lifespan already. What I can say about him is that he is being one very determined lovely little canary!
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