Sat-Isis/Suten Net (cassiopaya) wrote in canarybirds,
Sat-Isis/Suten Net

Male Canary with Feather Cysts

Hello everyone!  I have a rescued male canary, Mello Yello, that is having some trouble with feather cysts on his wings.  When I first got him he had been burned with a cigarette or something and was missing huge patches of feathers around his head.  With tender, loving care his feathers grew back in and he began to sing.  About a year and a half ago, the female cockatiel, Miss Lemon, that lives in the house went through puberty and began egg laying.  This had a strange effect on my canary - he took over one of his food dishes as a nest and began to fiercely protect it.  The canary and cockatiel do not live in the same cage and their cages are not next to each other either.  Once Mello began to nest in his food cup, he began to grow a feather cyst here and there.  The nesting behavior was corrected by removing the round food cups, but now both wings are almost completely covered in swollen feather cysts.  Withholding surgery, is there any recommendations?

He eats canary seed, pellet food for canaries, Yello Quicko for canaries, fresh veggies and fruit, fresh water, and vitamins everyday and the vet only recommends surgery, but I am so scared that if they put Mello under he won't wake back up.  Any help?
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