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New Canaries, Need Names!

On May 1st, we got a male canary. At first he didn't sing, so we played YouTube videos of canaries singing to inspire him. Within 2 days, he was singing beautifully. Day by day, he got louder and louder! He loves interrupting people and singing over top of them. He is generally quiet until someone opens their mouth! I have a hearing loss in the human vocal range only, so all I can hear when he is singing is HIM. It's pretty amusing, but was going to get old, so on Monday, I bought him a female companion to see if it would quiet him down a bit.

At the pet store, I was watching her and she was looking kind of broody. She was making a nest, hopping around, looking for nesting materials, and all that. I bought her, but didn't expect a lot. I put her in with him right away, but watched carefully to make sure they weren't going to fight. They both seemed to accept one another very well. The next morning, yesterday, she laid an egg. The dad of that egg must be the green male canary she was housed with at the pet store. When she laid the egg yesterday, the male belted out a huge long triumphant song at 6am. It was wonderful.

This morning, she laid another egg and again, he sang triumphantly when she was finished laying. Then they mated several times, and now they are just jumping around their cage, twittering happily.

We haven't named them yet. Does anyone have any name ideas?

The cage is protected from drafts, cats, and kids!

The female by her homemade nest: a coconut shell and crocheted liner.

The first egg

Laying the second egg. She was concentrating and rocking back and forth a little. Fascinating. I've never seen a bird lay an egg before!

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