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Canaries and Finches [entries|friends|calendar]
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Are Shark steam cleaning solutions safe for birds? [01 Dec 2013|04:23am]

Hi guys, I'm looking at getting a steam cleaner for the hard surface floors in the bird rooms and I'm looking at the Shark brands. From what I have been able to tell their cleaning solutions look safe for birds, but does anyone have any first hand experience? Are there steam cleaning brands besides Shark you would recommend for getting poop off the floor? Thank you.
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Baby Canary Update [05 Jun 2010|09:03am]


Our baby canaries have pin feathers now (9 days old). The 2 light ones hatched on May 27 and the darker one hatched May 28. They are so ugly, poor little things! I took him out to see if he was still small enough to put a closed band on him, but I missed that opportunity because I wasn't feeling well for the past few days.

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New Canaries, Need Names! [12 May 2010|10:07am]

[ mood | enthralled ]

On May 1st, we got a male canary. At first he didn't sing, so we played YouTube videos of canaries singing to inspire him. Within 2 days, he was singing beautifully. Day by day, he got louder and louder! He loves interrupting people and singing over top of them. He is generally quiet until someone opens their mouth! I have a hearing loss in the human vocal range only, so all I can hear when he is singing is HIM. It's pretty amusing, but was going to get old, so on Monday, I bought him a female companion to see if it would quiet him down a bit.

At the pet store, I was watching her and she was looking kind of broody. She was making a nest, hopping around, looking for nesting materials, and all that. I bought her, but didn't expect a lot. I put her in with him right away, but watched carefully to make sure they weren't going to fight. They both seemed to accept one another very well. The next morning, yesterday, she laid an egg. The dad of that egg must be the green male canary she was housed with at the pet store. When she laid the egg yesterday, the male belted out a huge long triumphant song at 6am. It was wonderful.

This morning, she laid another egg and again, he sang triumphantly when she was finished laying. Then they mated several times, and now they are just jumping around their cage, twittering happily.

We haven't named them yet. Does anyone have any name ideas?

More pictures of the little onesCollapse )

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Yellow [15 Jan 2010|11:02pm]


Himalayan Greenfinch (Carduelis Spinoides)
and Canary (Serinus canaria)

Just a photo-post of my beloved Saffron and Tomáš > > >
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Male Canary with Feather Cysts [01 Jan 2010|12:36am]

Hello everyone!  I have a rescued male canary, Mello Yello, that is having some trouble with feather cysts on his wings.  When I first got him he had been burned with a cigarette or something and was missing huge patches of feathers around his head.  With tender, loving care his feathers grew back in and he began to sing.  About a year and a half ago, the female cockatiel, Miss Lemon, that lives in the house went through puberty and began egg laying.  This had a strange effect on my canary - he took over one of his food dishes as a nest and began to fiercely protect it.  The canary and cockatiel do not live in the same cage and their cages are not next to each other either.  Once Mello began to nest in his food cup, he began to grow a feather cyst here and there.  The nesting behavior was corrected by removing the round food cups, but now both wings are almost completely covered in swollen feather cysts.  Withholding surgery, is there any recommendations?

He eats canary seed, pellet food for canaries, Yello Quicko for canaries, fresh veggies and fruit, fresh water, and vitamins everyday and the vet only recommends surgery, but I am so scared that if they put Mello under he won't wake back up.  Any help?
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Oh look, look! Canaries on Kimono! [30 Nov 2009|03:52pm]

Have a look at these two gorgeous canary birds on this kimono (which also includes a lutino cockatiel and orchids!
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I just them Canaries!!! [30 Nov 2009|08:15pm]

Hi I am new and noticed that no one has posted for the longest time here.
I am from Australia and my canaries are in the swing of breeding.
Got 2 almost fledged youngsters and some more on their way.
I just love those little birds and it drives everyone in my familiy nuts.
Just was hoping to find some more fellow canary lovers out there in syberspace to have a chit chat with about their birds.
Anyways happy canarying everyone.
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[22 Apr 2009|09:44pm]

Hi, everyone. This community seems a bit dead, but maybe this will wake it up a bit =)

Anyway, I love canaries and have been thinking of getting one. The thing is, I've never owned a bird before, and I obviously don't want to get one and then take poor care of it. So what sort of things would you recommend for a potential first-time bird owner, and is there anything a canary specifically needs?

I do own a cat, but he's very old and has never caught anything before. He's never harmed any of the native birds outside and they actually go up to him and sit in front of him, so I'm not to worried about him hurting my potential bird. Of course, I'd more than likely keep the bird/cage/etc in my room just to stay on the safe side.

So, that's just what I wanted to say and I hope you guys can help me in my canary-searching =)
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fluffed up canary [13 Aug 2008|02:50pm]
[ mood | anxious ]

I have a canary called trill. he has sung solidly for 6 months,  but now he doesn't sing,  he is all fluffed up,  he sits silent on his purch apart from
the ocasional "eee" noise. he has egg,  molt mix,  seed,  veg,  cuttle fish,  and now after advice he has a female canary. we introduced her yesterday
but he attacks her and seems more depressed than ever.  what should i do?
I know that he should molt and not sing for 2 months but this has gone on longer. I miss his songs so much.

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Fluff... aged 13 and still going... [14 Jun 2008|02:49pm]

[ mood | surprised ]

This was taken last month...

... and this was taken last weekend.

Fluff started going seriously 'downhill' a couple of months ago. He's definitely got some form of arthritis, his feathers are a mess, he cannot fly properly anymore, and for the last few weeks has needed help moving around the cage... this is not easy with a canary who's never been hand-trained. All the perches are now on their lowest level, but he still has to be helped up onto them, and since he falls off them at least once a day now I have to put food and water on the bottom of the cage as well. He is, however, still gobbling down food and still trying to sing. It is very hard to say how long he will live now as I believe he's some years beyond average canary lifespan already. What I can say about him is that he is being one very determined lovely little canary!

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First Post! [03 Apr 2008|08:07am]

[ mood | awake ]

Hello fellow canary lovers. I'm new to the community, and I wanted to share this pic with all of you. This pic is actually old, from around 2004. Its one of the few pics where some of my birdies were still. (Click on the pic for a larger view)

Jasmine (middle) with her chicks, "the twins". <3

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E. T. EATS SEEDS [22 Feb 2008|03:11pm]


 Let us suppose that we could suspend the laws of physics for a few minutes, train our radiotelescopes on a likely-looking star system with the right kind of planets, and listen for signs of intelligent life.  We adjust our headphones and immediately hear something like this:


We are equipped with a sophisticated computer that can instantly mimic and return the signal, so we transmit the following back to our suspect star system:


Only a moment passes, and the following signal comes in:


Interesting – the same pattern, with the last sound in the series now repeated once.  We reply:


Again, almost immediately, our mysterious signal source returns with:


Almost too good to be true – the final sound in the sequence now appears three times, precisely as it should if someone were demonstrating an ability to count 1-2-3.  So we reply with


and again, instantly, the message comes back as


Now, you may find this difficult to believe, but exactly this kind of exchange recently took place between a human observer and an apparently intelligent non-human source.  It was a spontaneous, unrehearsed exchange.  I know this exchange took place, because I was the human involved, and the non-human intelligence was none other than my pet canary, Carson.

I’m left scratching my head this morning.  If some sophisticated monitoring system had, in fact, had exactly the same exchange with – let’s say some unidentified object traveling between the earth and the moon – it would be occasion for mass rejoicing that finally, proof exists that WE ARE NOT ALONE.

But heck, Carson and I already know that.

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This weather! [11 Jan 2008|09:03pm]

[ mood | calm ]

Well, the sudden spring-like weather in the month of January has triggered all the bird's breeding drive.  Mello Yello has been singing his little heart out and preening like crazy.  Have any one else in North American encountered this effect on their birds from the weather? 
Here is a pic, enjoy!

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Birdie Christmas! [29 Dec 2007|11:37pm]

[ mood | cheerful ]

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Christmas Presents? [15 Dec 2007|11:40pm]

[ mood | awake ]

]-[i everyone!  I adopted a male canary last year and named him Mello Yello.  As soon as I can I will post pictures, but in the meantime, does anyone have a nifty idea for a birdie Christmas present?  Thanks!

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Canary Show [19 Nov 2007|01:38am]

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Idea For A Perch [12 Nov 2007|10:46pm]

[ mood | tired ]

Hi everyone! I came up with something simple, but the birds really like it.

I was never sure what to do with millet spray, the birds like eating it, but it's kind of awkward to put a giant spray in a tiny holder. So I used TWO clips, one at either end and made a little loop out of it:

(I also have a little seed bell hanging in the middle of the loop). My canaries LOOOOVE the millet perch, not only can they perch on it securely, but they can eat it, too! This has probably been done before, but it took me a couple of years of having canaries to come up with a good way to place millet in the cage without cutting it, so figured I'd share.

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Hello and flight cages [06 Aug 2007|03:23pm]

Hi, all,

My name is Laurel and I have an American Singer male named Sebastian. He just turned three. I had him in a quite roomy cage but I just got a new and very large (18"x31"x36") flight cage for him, which I'm very excited about.

Does anyone have any recommendations for setting up a new flight cage? I found this page and so I know to put the perches the short way in the cage (that was a big help!) but I am not sure if anyone else knows of ways to maximize his space. So far he is staying on the two low perches and hasn't ventured up to the higher ones, though he's looking at them curiously.
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