Sayga (sayga) wrote in canarybirds,

Baby Canary Update

Our baby canaries have pin feathers now (9 days old). The 2 light ones hatched on May 27 and the darker one hatched May 28. They are so ugly, poor little things! I took him out to see if he was still small enough to put a closed band on him, but I missed that opportunity because I wasn't feeling well for the past few days.

Mom has arranged the babies' droppings just so around the nest. I can't wait for them to get out of the nest so I can clean it.

5 days old.

2 eggs didn't hatch. They never even developed. She came home from the petstore and laid an egg, so I think the first 2 were infertile, but then she mated with our male and the rest are from him.

The first 2 hatchlings on their first day!

Mama Isis guarding her nest.
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